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The coordination of supports for adults with developmental disabilities (ages 22 and older) in Noble County is guided by the principle of self-determination. That means we respect what people want and give them choice and control over their lives.

Through casual conversations, we help people identify their strengths and interests. We learn what is important to and what is important for each person and coordinate supports around the people, places and things that matter the most to them. This person-centered planning process has helped adults with disabilities achieve greater independence and become active, contributing members of the community.

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When supports are identified, people choose from among qualified providers who will deliver them. Supports may include:

  • Community/Supported Employment - Full-time or part-time community-based individual and group employment opportunities.

  • Vocational Training - Development of skills needed to become employed and stay employed.

  • Adult Day Activities - Activities that enhance a person's quality of life like social, leisure, recreational, and enrichment activities provided in a variety of settings.

  • Transportation – Private providers offer transportation options to adults so they get to where they need and want to go.

  • Residential – The Board works with other organizations to locate and/or develop homes in the community for people with disabilities and then funds the supports they need to live there.

For more information on supports for adults in Noble County, call SSA Director Amber Cross at 740-695-7433, ext.308

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