Bill of Rights for
People with Developmental Disabilities

♦ Be treated nicely at all times and as a person

♦ Have a clean safe place to live in and a place to be alone

♦ Have food that is good for you

♦ Be able to go, if you want, to any church, temple, mosque

♦ Be able to go to a doctor or dentist when you are sick

♦ Be able to have people help you with the way you walk, talk, do things with your hands, act or feel, if you need it

♦ Be able to have people help and teach you, if you want

♦ Be able to have time and a place to go to be by yourself

♦ Be able to call, write letters or talk to anyone you want about anything you want

♦ Be able to have your own things and be able to use them

♦ Be able to have men and women as friends

♦ Be able to join in activities and do things that will help you grow to be the best person you can be

♦ Be able to work and make money

♦ Be treated like everyone else

♦ Not be hit, yelled at, cursed at, or called names that hurt you

♦ Be able to learn new things, make friends, have activities to do, and go out in your community

♦ Be able to tell people what you want and be part of making plans or decisions about your life

♦ Be able to ask someone you want to help you, let others know how you feel or what you want

♦ Be able to use your money to pay for things you need and want with help, if you need it

♦ Be able to say yes or no before people talk about what you do at work or home or look at your file

♦ Be able to complain or ask for changes if you don’t like something without being afraid of getting in trouble

♦ Not be given medicine that you don't need, or be held down if you are not hurting yourself or others

♦ To vote and learn about laws and your community

♦ To say yes or no to being part of a study or experiment