Living the Good Life


The BHN Alliance (Belmont-Harrison-Noble County Boards of Developmental Disabilities) is a Good Life and Trauma-Informed Care organization. We help people of varying abilities achieve what is important to them.

The Good Life is a philosophy that speaks to the power of encouraging and supportive relationships. Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) acknowledges the role trauma plays in people’s lives. TIC is intended to promote an environment where a greater sense of safety, security and equality exist. At the BHN Alliance, we strive to create that culture.

In the Good Life, respect and compassion always come first. To have a good life, certain things need to exist and they are:

· Family/Friends
· Faith
· Food
· Fun
· Feeling Good
· Funds
· Freedom

The BHN Alliance offers Good Life principles and practices through a series of Learning Experiences that are designed to develop positive relationships and the skills, talents and abilities to do that.

It doesn’t matter what one does in life, whether it’s providing support to a person with Down syndrome, working the grill line at a restaurant or taking care of a loved one at home, Good Life trainings teach and promote respect-based, positive interactions.

The Good Life was created by Pete Moore and Willie Jones in an effort to shift the developmental disabilities’ field in Ohio to a more positive culture. By 2017, Moore and Jones had trained more than 450 Good Life Facilitators, who now promote positive and respect-based relationships across the state.